0 Street Hunt around Istanbul

I have been a fan of Spyros and his street hunt videos for a while now, it’s a great behind the scenes view on what it’s like being a street photographer and it shows not only what is seen through the camera lens but what’s going on around the scene that eventually gets captured on film or digital sensor.

I think any budding street photographer should follow Spyros and his street hunts. I’ve learnt a lot through them.

0 Matt Granger’s Intro To Street Photography

Matt has a whole series of youtube videos covering many areas of photography but this one is quite a nice intro to it and covers a range of good tips. You’ll notice that Tina is using a DSLR with a big zoom lens which doesn’t follow the street purist way, but it just proves that it’s not all about the gear and more about the end result.

0 Bruce Gilden Image Critique

Bruce Gilden, one of the more extreme Street Photographers does a quick critique of some images. I love his honesty and he definitely doesn’t take any prisoners… much like his Street Photography style.