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0 This is Will Crooks – Street Style Photographer

Street Style is the cross over from street to fashion. It’s got a mix of both and this chap talks about how he got into it and some tips about how he goes about his work. There isn’t too much on the technical side, but it’s a nice background to that genre.

0 When Street Photography Meets Fashion

This caught my eye as it mixes street photography with fashion at Paris Fashion Week. Somewhere where the streets are filled with characters in various fashions which makes for an interesting selection of images. I like the interaction between the photographer and the subject and how quickly he worked. For those that like to interact with their subject, it’s nice to see how it’s done in a ‘target rich’ environment.

0 30 Tips in 30 Photos

I like the way this is presented. It’s simple and to the point with some good example images and it also has some good advice too. It’s only a few minutes long so there is no excuse not to watch it.

0 Some recommended settings for street photography

This chap Dave posts a lot of handy videos on Street Photography. For someone new to it, this is a nice intro into some the camera settings he uses. Yeah he uses a Leica and he’s got all the kit, but the theory and settings will translate to other cameras. So don’t get too caught up on the Leica thing… although they are rather nice.

0 Jesse Acosta on Approaching People

A nice BTS view on a Street Photography. Attaching a GoPro to our hot shoe is a great way to record a Street Photographers point of view. The commentary is also really handy to pick up a few tips and useful techniques on how to approach to approach people to get some decent portrait shots. Worth a watch.

0 Eric Kim does Street Photography in Saigon

Eric Kim is Mr Street Photography and quite a character. Full of enthusiasm for Street Photography and a wealth of knowledge. Having met him on a workshop in London, he’s a totally genuine guy and a great teacher. Eric Kim’s blog contains lots of useful info… and quite a few lists…. but it’s a great resource.

This video from Saigon is an interesting view of the place and people as well as containing some great advice.

0 John Free and his Joy Of Life

I could watch this guy for hours, he’s so full of enthusiasm. His videos are also crammed full of useful technical tips, so don’t just watch the video, listen to what he has to say too. 45 years of experience which you cannot buy. Not sure I’d want to get on the wrong side of him though!

0 Street Hunt around Istanbul

I have been a fan of Spyros and his street hunt videos for a while now, it’s a great behind the scenes view on what it’s like being a street photographer and it shows not only what is seen through the camera lens but what’s going on around the scene that eventually gets captured on film or digital sensor.

I think any budding street photographer should follow Spyros and his street hunts. I’ve learnt a lot through them.

0 Matt Granger’s Intro To Street Photography

Matt has a whole series of youtube videos covering many areas of photography but this one is quite a nice intro to it and covers a range of good tips. You’ll notice that Tina is using a DSLR with a big zoom lens which doesn’t follow the street purist way, but it just proves that it’s not all about the gear and more about the end result.